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Mr Wallace is Head of the Economics Department and also Head of Year 12.  He can be found in his teaching room (GB7) or the economics office (GB5).

Mr Wallace’s interests are wide ranging within the field of economics and he was a contributory author to ‘The Economics Book’ on the history of economic ideas. You will find him particularly animated when speaking within the field of games theory and he has a growing interest in classroom simulations of economic problems – “experinomics”. 

Mr Stephen teaches Economics, a little Maths and helps with lower school games. His Economics teaching room is GB6 and when not teaching he will usually be found in GB5 or the main maths office.

Mr Stephen is especially interested in how the UK interacts with the global economy. He also has a keen interest in econometrics, the way in which mathematical modelling is applied to economics, which he developed at Warwick University. Passionate about his homeland, he represented Wales whilst in the sixth form himself in public speaking. Typically, he is equally enthusiastic about rugby as one would expect.

He runs the brilliant econ department: twitter feed @CRGSEcon and the instagram feed crgs_economics. Which you should all follow!

Economics Resources

Economics is a fascinating subject in part because it is ever changing. However this presents a problem when providing resources for economics students. Text books are invariably out of date in some way by the time they are published! We therefore ensure that you are provided with up to date printed and electronic resources.

As well as your printed economics workbooks, you will find many resources on students shared resources, including examples of past exam papers, mark schemes, and much more.  Many useful resources can also be found at the following web sites:

  • (Useful website that provide free notes on many areas of your AS level.)
  • (Useful websites that provide free notes on many areas of your AS level.)
  • (The world’s most well known economics based magazine.)
  • (This is a government site that provides up to date data about the UK economy.)
  • (The exam board we use for economics, specification A.  Lots of tips for exam success here!)