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Mr Wallace is Head of the Economics Department and also Head of Year 12.  He can be found in his teaching room (GB7) or the economics office (GB5).

Mr Wallace’s interests are wide ranging within the field of economics and he was a contributory author to ‘The Economics Book’ on the history of economic ideas. You will find him particularly animated when speaking within the field of games theory and he has a growing interest in classroom simulations of economic problems – “experinomics”. 

Dr Stimson teaches Economics and is Head of the Sixth Form. She can be found in her teaching room (GB6) or her office (GBC).

Having originally studied Economics and Economic History at university, she then went on to undertake postgraduate studies in the area of Transport Economics.  Dr Stimson has a particular interest in the sphere of political economy and has developed an incurable addiction to competitions, from the rigours of the Royal Economic Society’s economist of the year through the entrepreneurial activities of Young Enterprise to virtual share trading.

Mr Fox teaches Geography, Economics and is a Boarding Master.  He also takes an active role in the running of sports teams.  His Economics teaching room is GB2 and when not teaching he will usually be found in the Geography office. 

Mr Fox is especially interested in how the UK interacts with the global economy. He is also a keen follower of financial markets and, like the great English economist J M Keynes, he is willing to back his judgement with his own money! A high-tech teaching style; look out for economics versions of most TV quizzes. 

Economics Resources

Economics is a fascinating subject in part because it is ever changing. However this presents a problem when providing resources for economics students. Text books are invariably out of date in some way by the time they are published! We therefore ensure that you are provided with up to date printed and electronic resources.

You will be provided with this file and a CD Rom that provides an electronic textbook, examples of past exam papers, mark schemes, and much more. Should you lose this CD, you will also find the content available on shared resources. Many useful resources can also be found at the following web sites: