Boarding Induction

The first few days as a CRGS boarder. . .


It can feel daunting starting the next chapter of your life, particularly if you are starting it at a new school, in a new area or indeed in a new country. CRGS boarding prides itself on offering a full and thorough induction program for our new boarders to help them to adjust to their surroundings. Arriving almost a week before school starts, our new boarders are able to feel settled and relaxed within their new environment and with each other before starting school.

“Boarding offers our pupils the opportunity to develop independence through mutual understanding and respect with staff.”

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Induction officially begins with a welcome dinner for parents and students after a busy day of unpacking, personalising bedrooms, a welcome presentation from the Head of Boarding, and a tour of the school.  Gathering together for the welcome dinner allows the community to come together for the first time. Hosted by our fantastic catering department, it allows our boarders to socialize and eat as a family community whilst being introduced to staff including the Headmaster.  Parents also have the opportunity to meet and talk to one another and feel a sense of belonging too. 

The following two days consist of a number of team building activities at a local residential outdoor centre. The year 12s are encouraged to challenge themselves whilst working together as a team and have the opportunity to get to know each other better, as well as our staff, during these exciting two days.

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After a fun two days at the residential centre, boarding staff organise for the boarders to begin their life skills program. Designed to prepare boarders for life post school and outside of the classroom, it focuses on health. Delivered by different boarding staff, the induction includes a full gym induction, a kitchen hygiene workshop, laundry and also sessions on healthy sleep patterns and how to register with the local GP.

The boarders will also have sufficient time to explore the surroundings of the school, the local city of Colchester and the local area before term begins for school.


Our well planned and thorough induction program allows a solid advantage for our boarders as they begin their time at CRGS. Having had a tour of the school and local area they are quick to make friends with each other and other students and feel at home in the environment.

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