German is offered as an option to all students at CRGS from Year 8 through to A Level. We aim to develop the students' ability to use German for practical communication purposes, by giving them a firm grounding in German grammar and syntax, as well as offering them plenty of opportunities to perfect their spoken and written language. They will also gain an understanding of the culture and history of German-speaking countries.

Students follow a condensed course covering the KS3 programme of study and aimed at bringing students up to a high standard of German for the start of the GCSE (AQA) course in Year 10. We use, among other things, the Echt textbook and software, complemented by a variety of other teaching resources and in-school equipment to maximise attainment and enjoyment. At A-Level, the AQA course is also followed, introducing aspects such as history, current affairs and films.

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Beyond the Curriculum

There are numerous opportunities for students to practise their German outside the classroom.  Students at all levels have opportunities to enter national competitions offered by language institutions and universities, ranging from translation, poetry writing and literary analysis to poster design and debating.  In Year 8 we offer a summer trip to Cologne and Aachen, where students are able to put their new knowledge to good use. In Years 8, 9 and 10 we offer the German Exchange with a Gymnasium (German Grammar School) in Weinheim, a small town near Heidelberg. Students spend a week living with their partner’s family, attending school and going on trips to local places of interest. For Sixth Formers we organize excursions to cultural events in London to complement their studies and a trip to Berlin. They are also encouraged and helped to organize their own trips. In the past, A Level students have enjoyed summer work experience placements in Germany, international conferences for German learners and individual exchanges.

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Many students taking A level German choose to continue their study of the language at university, either in combination with another language or with another subject, for example Business Studies, Economics, Law or Politics. Scientists and engineers who have taken German A Level at CRGS often apply for degree courses which offer them the opportunity to spend a term at a German university.  Even without continuing beyond A Level, knowledge of German has proven invaluable to many former students. As Germany is a major trading partner of Britain, knowledge of the language is a tremendous asset in business, science and technology.

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