To make more friends: 400 million people worldwide speak Spanish! It is well known that becoming conversant in another language helps to train the brain and keep it healthier for longer. It strengthens students in important academic disciplines and improves their grammatical knowledge, as well as their listening and oral skills. Language skills are increasingly in demand in the workplace, as nationally fewer and fewer people are taking languages. CRGS students with a language will be in high demand, and it opens a wider range of university options for them. Students also gain a wider appreciation of other cultures, as well as a useful tool for travel abroad.

Students can study Spanish at sixth form level and we offer lunchtime and after school sessions in Years 10 and 11 to prepare for GCSE Spanish.

A level Spanish is an attractive and popular subject at CRGS; with students regularly acheiving outstanding results.

Beyond the Curriculum

We have a varied enrichment program throughout the year including visits to lectures in London, contact with Spanish students via e-mail and we have plans in place for visits to Spain.

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