Staff Profiles

Evening and weekend supervision is shared between residential boarding staff, who aim to build strong professional relationships, the foundation of which lies in mutual respect. Students are given academic support and guided through their UCAS applications, including personal statements, and are supported emotionally and pastorally throughout the year. The Headmaster has overall responsibility for boarding. The staff for the 2019-20 academic year are:
  • Miss H Byrne - Head of Boarding
  • Mr J Francis - House Parent, Teacher of PE
  • Mrs G Francis - Residential staff member in Gilberd House
  • Mr I Minton - House Parent
  • Mr C Hallows - Resident Graduate


Holly Byrne joined CRGS as Head of Boarding in September 2019 and has over 6 years boarding experience. Holly has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and is now in her 10th year of working in a residential setting with teenagers; coaching, mentoring and helping them secure a place at top universities. Having spent two years setting up a new boarding house at her previous school, Holly was keen to develop the boarding community at CRGS by introducing girls to the mix. Seeking to continue to improve the provisions in place, Holly is thoroughly enjoying her new role at CRGS and resides in accommodation attached to one of the boarding houses.


Joe and Gia Francis are the residential house parents in Gilberd Hosue. With their 3 year old son Freddie they bring a real family atmosphere to the boarding community. With over 15 years teaching experience between them they have a true understanding of what it means to help teenagers thrive and succeed. Joe is a Physical Education teacher at CRGS and Gia is teaching fulltime within a primary school not too far away. Gia specialises in dance and performing arts and has made a great effort to be an integral part of our boarding team.


Ian Minton is also a houseparent in Gilberd house. Ian has a lifetime of experience working within the engineering industry and has recently made the move to CRGS. Ian has been able to adapt to teaching life tremendously well and has been a great asset to our boarding team. Ian can offer extensive guidance to those studying physics or wanting a career in engineering with his unique experience. Keen to help others learn and develop their own knowledge and understanding, our boarders can have broad or in depth conversations with Ian regarding the world of work.


Charlie Hallows is our most recent addition to the residential staff. A Physical Education expert, Charlie has recently completed his teacher training. He resides in School house and his excellent ability to interact with teenagers and eagerness to get involved means our boarders know they can go to him about anything. Charlie can offer an up-to-date understanding of university life and guide our boarders with a true understanding of what it is like to take the next step in their education.


Mark Walsh is a pillar of the boarding community at CRGS. Mark is the Head of Maths and has worked at CRGS for 23 years. With his level of experience in our boarding community, Mark’s subject expertise, and general knowledge of the school, no logistical or mathematical question goes unanswered; setting our new boarders on the front foot when starting. Mark not only helps with maths homework and resources regularly, he has a fantastic ability to provide outstanding pastoral care - not only guiding the boarders with UCAS personal statements but guiding them with life skills as well.


Surrounding and supporting our boarding staff we have our fantastic chefs; Sonia, Dawn and Sandra, who provide our boarders with delicious home cooked meals, festive favourites and hearty Sunday roasts. The boarders are lucky to also have June on the team as well who does daily laundry for the boarders so they can focus on their academics. Last but not least, our hard working team of cleaners are miracle workers keeping on top of a house of 30 teenagers!