The main aim of CRGS rugby is to develop individual players in an enjoyable and challenging environment. At least two teams compete in the junior age groups so physically smaller players can develop without being overpowered by those who have had an early growth spurt. Players are monitored carefully, regardless of the team they play in. Team squads evolve as players develop through their school career.

Confidence is particularly important, and this is fostered by playing an expansive game at all levels where everybody is able to contribute. CRGS does not view the result as the most important issue; it is much better to develop players over time and then positive results will follow. That being said, our close links with Northampton Saints enables players to pursue the sport at the highest possible levels.

Each team trains together each week in games lessons and has one additional practice session a week

Each team usually plays one weekend match a week during the autumn term with sevens becoming the focus post-Christmas. CRGS also runs a tour programme on a bi - annual basis.

Fixtures and Results

Fixtures and results are updated regularly on the Schoolsrugby website and can be accessed here.