Colcestrian Futures

Colcestrian Futures (CF) provides a bespoke service to help students at CRGS, and younger OCS members, to transition from school, through university and into the world of work that is not available anywhere else, at any price.

CF is a cost-free initiative of the Old Colcestrian Society (OCS) that harnesses the enormous and varied professional networks of the OCS. This will enable those who want it to receive:

  • Advice on preparing applications, personal statements and CVs for university and work.
  • Interview techniques. 
  • Work experience.
  • Internships.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Advice and assistance on extra-mural activities to help boost personal profiles.

CF enables students to continue to benefit from the CRGS ethos of excellence even after they leave school. By joining the OCS, the support that CF provides while at school can be seamlessly continued while at university and at work – for as long as needed.

Work Experiance

The OCS network includes members who have considerable personal experience in the academic world and in most professions and areas of employment, in the UK and around the world. Many are leaders in their field.


If you would like assistance from CF in any of the above areas, please contact Sean Bunch, informing him of the specific support that you would like, when and where.

In return, all that we require from you is:

  • A positive and speedy response in communicating with the OCS and those OCS members who are assisting you.
  • Detailed feedback on your experience with CF, including your suggestions for improving the scheme.
  • When you are in a position to do so, volunteering to provide assistance to those who follow you under the CF initiative.