Pupil Premium Information

Colchester Royal Grammar School strives to ensure all our students excel regardless of their background or circumstances. Every student is entitled to high quality teaching and belongs to the same school culture of high-expectations and CRGS Values. We use our Pupil Premium Grant to ensure any disadvantaged student has access to our extensive range of experiences and opportunities allowing them to thrive.

The students who qualify for the Pupil Premium will be individually and effectively tracked to ensure that they are:

  • Receiving appropriate academic support through high quality teaching and learning.
  • Securing pastoral and emotional support through a strong pastoral structure and Support Hub.
  • Not being denied access to important enrichment opportunities or educational resources for financial reasons. All pupil premium students have a wide range of co-curricular activities available to them to support progress and enrich their education and raise aspirations.

Pupil Premium funding will be deployed to cover part of or all of the costs of provisions provided outside the school curriculum for those who need support. A member of staff is assigned to the PPG allocation and is supported by a designated Governor.

Opportunities which Pupil Premium students would benefit from include:

  • GCSE revision sessions for students at risk of underachievement,
  • Extra GCSE subjects for gifted students, able and willing to take on additional challenges,
  • Subject 'clinics' for students in need of academic support,
  • Support Hub access with a range of provisions for student’s wellbeing needs,
  • Staff mentors for students at risk of underachievement,
  • Extensive enrichment activities and broad range of educational visits.