Pupil Premium Information

The school receives government funding for each pupil who is eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or who has been eligible in the last six years. Pupil Premium is also granted for children who have been 'looked after' continuously for at least six months. There is also a service child Premium for children whose parents are in the armed services.

The government's assumption is that such pupils are disadvantaged by their family circumstances and would benefit from targeted support and access to opportunities which might otherwise be denied to them. The money is not ring-fenced and can be used to support the raising of attainment of the most vulnerable pupils and targeted at narrowing the attainment gap.

The pupils who qualify for the Pupil Premium will be individually monitored to check that they are:

  • Making appropriate academic progress
  • Receiving appropriate academic, pastoral and emotional support
  • Not being denied access to important enrichment opportunities or educational resources for financial reasons

A member of staff has been given specific responsibility for monitoring these pupils' academic progress, well-being, attendance, behaviour and involvement in school life. He will coordinate support as appropriate and instigate intervention strategies when they are required. The school's priority will be to meet the individual needs of the designated pupils and to respond to circumstances in the course of the year.

The school will also provide general support for pupils in need or at risk, and the pupils qualifying for Pupil Premium will have access to such support and opportunities. The school will not assume, however, that the Pupil Premium pupils will automatically need or benefit from such support or opportunities and it will consider the needs of each individual pupil independently.

Pupil Premium funding will be deployed to cover some of the costs of the provision for vulnerable pupils who are in need of support. Opportunities provided outside the school curriculum which Pupil Premium pupils will have access to and which vulnerable pupils in need across the school would benefit from include:

  • GCSE revision sessions for pupils at risk of underachievement
  • extra GCSE subjects for gifted pupils, able and willing to take on additional challenges
  • subject 'clinics' for pupils in need of support
  • counselling for pupils with emotional problems
  • independent careers advice for pupils in need of guidance
  • staff mentors for pupils at risk of underachievement
  • a teacher-supervised after-school revision facility for pupils who wish to study in school after the end of the normal school day
  • enrichment activities and educational visits.

The school will report to governors on the use of the Pupil Premium and the effectiveness of the provision for the targeted individuals as well as the benefits of the provision for vulnerable pupils in the school.

J. R. Russell

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