Football at CRGS is an ever-expanding facet of the extra-curricular sports and activities offered at the school, with ever-increasing success across the whole range of year groups.  Teams operate at every year group, with regular fixtures in the local school’s league competition as well as fixtures with other local schools, the majority of which are played during the week, usually after school.  The teams train largely during their games afternoons, but also sometimes arrange after-school sessions during the week, depending on the fixtures calendar.

The school encourages a slick, passing style of play, which aims at increasing the skill level of all students involved in football, not just those in the team.  This style of play also encourages the inclusion of all involved, as well as the development of sportsmanship, communication and team-work skills, helping to build towards positive outcomes and results.  Students are openly encouraged to express themselves on the pitch, helping them to develop and learn these key values in an independent fashion where possible, with guidance from the staff responsible.