Old Colcestrian Society Welcome Gifts for Year 7

Posted On: 29/09/17

On Friday 15th September 2017, the President of the Old Colcestrian Society for 2017-18, Trevor Hearn – accompanied by fellow committee member, Jamie McCrudden – attended the Year 7 school assembly in the George Young building, with kind permission of the Headmaster.

The purpose of the visit was to distribute 8GB USB memory sticks to every member of the new Year 7 intake at the school. These USB sticks are attached to wristbands in the school colours and bear the Old Colcestrian Society name. These gifts are a welcome to the school from Old Colcestrians to New Colcestrians. We hope that these students will join the society and enjoy the many benefits that we provide. After an introduction by the Headmaster, the President gave a small speech to the Year 7 students, explaining the remit and benefits of the Society.

As the students departed for their first lessons of the day, each was presented with their free wristband by Jamie, School Captain Oliver Dickie and two school prefects. The parents of each student were also given a letter, which provided a description of the Old Colcestrian Society and its many benefits.

The wristbands were very well received and it is hoped that we can repeat this exercise in future years.