CRGS Students Visit China

Posted On: 03/11/17

Twenty students from CRGS had a fantastic trip to China over the October half term.

The nine-day trip took in some tourist visits in Shanghai, Beijing and the Zhuozhang water city, but the highlight for many was spending time in two schools in Nanjing and Zhenjiang, meeting Chinese students of a similar age and staying in families. The cultural differences were clear to see, especially in the schools, where students generally spend from 8am-8pm in school and still have homework to do after that!

Our Chinese hosts overwhelmed us with their hospitality and laid on a varied programme for us, including learning about Chinese calligraphy, sitting in on English lessons, making dumplings and some sport. Seeing three thousand Chinese students doing their morning exercise routine is sure to be one of the most memorable images for the participants.

All students were terrific, entering into everything wholeheartedly and taking full advantage of the chance to get alongside their Chinese peers. They were treated like celebrities and had some wonderful experiences, including the chance to climb the Great Wall and visit the Forbidden City in Beijing. However, what they enjoyed most was the contact with Chinese young people.

A group from China is expected to visit Colchester next July.