Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, speaks at CRGS

Posted On: 20/10/14

We have never witnessed a lecture in the George Young building so popular that students and teachers alike had to line the stairs and peep in through the fire exit to get a glimpse of the speaker. The chance to hear the editor of The Guardian on a subject of particular concern at the moment, civil liberties and the press, proved a great lure. Beginning with the genesis of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger’s talk used the paper’s history to justify its long-standing fight for press freedom. But the main focus was the paper’s involvement in ‘Snowdengate’ and the pride that came from providing an outlet for those controversial stories. However, whilst we all agreed that we have a right to privacy, many students questioned The Guardian’s right to release State secrets, sparking an interesting debate concerning who should decide what information should be released to the public.

Further complex questions arose from the small-group mentoring session Alan Rusbridger hosted for a few lucky students. Not only were they given expert advice on launching a career in journalism, but their own level of questioning prompted Mr Rusbridger to ask, “Are there going to be any easy questions?”

Honor Webb

Year 13