Statement from the Headmaster

Posted On: 30/07/19

The school’s policy regarding uniform and aspects of appearance is covered within the Code of Conduct (“the Code”). There are separate uniform guidelines for boys in the Sixth Form, which is mixed in gender. In terms of the lower school, i.e. Years 7 to 11, CRGS is a school for boys and the uniform and appearance rules apply to all Year 7-11 students. We expect all students to adhere to all aspects of this Code.

The school’s Code encourages the students to look smart and supports the ethos of the school. As with other schools, the Department for Education allows Governing Bodies to set their own policies regarding uniform and aspects of appearance. The Code is regularly reviewed and supported by our Governing Body and parents. We have taken legal advice, as a result of which we consider that the Code does not contravene the Equality Act 2010 in relation to aspects of appearance.  The boys are not allowed very short or long hair or any extreme styles, facial hair or piercings and all the boys are treated equally in this respect. If a boy is transgender, or is required to grow his hair/facial hair on medical or religious grounds, then the school considers this on an individual basis, and reserves the right to dis-apply this aspect of the school uniform if appropriate.

We respect that it is a parent’s right to choose for their child to attend CRGS, if offered a place, and we would expect these aspects to have been considered before accepting the place at our school.