Excellent GCSE Results

Posted On: 22/08/19

Following the success of our A level students last week, the GCSE students have also produced an excellent set of results. The percentage of top grades (i.e. grades 8 and 9 – the old A*), which improved by 10% last year, has jumped another 5% this year. 62% of grades are now at this top level – the highest ever achieved at CRGS – with 95% of grades at 9, 8 or 7. There are many impressive figures for different subjects, but the Maths department take the gold medal, with 99% of grades at 7 (the old A) or above and over 50% of students achieving a grade 9. Similarly, there are many individual outstanding performances, with ten students achieving eight or more grade 9s.

Congratulations to all our students.