Harry and Max are going to the Peruvian Amazon!

Posted On: 03/11/14

Harry Barber and Max Lenoir in Year 11 will be going on an expedition to the Peruvian Amazon in August 2015 with the British Exploring Society (BES). In the Rainforest they will be studying the rich bio-diversity that the Amazon has to offer, as well as implementing a sustainability programme to help the locals in the Manu National Park area. They will be working with ‘The Crees Foundation’ that was recently featured on the BBC documentary I Bought a Rainforest’.

Harry and Max must both reach a fund-raising target of £4200 each before they go to Peru next summer. To help them with their fundraising  they have organised a Beetle Drive in the Hall on the evening of Friday 14th November. For details and tickets contact Harry, Max, Sue Barber (07870 827038) or Sarah Lenoir (07887 746095).