Biography of George Young

Posted On: 30/11/19

This autumn has seen the publication of a book on George Young, former CRGS English and Drama teacher, after whom the George Young building is named. Written by Alan Sharp, a CRGS student from 1943 to 1951, and one of the many inspired by George, it tells the story of George’s life in its many aspects, from his early years to his Second World War service in Africa, Sicily, Italy and at the D-Day landings – for which he won a Military Cross – to his career at CRGS and his contribution, both as an actor and director, to local theatre and Music Hall. The book includes a number of tributes and reminiscences from his former students.

Alan’s book is entitled ‘George Young, Teacher, Performer, War Hero, Friend’. All the profits from it will to go towards supporting drama and music at CRGS, so those who purchase it will be helping a good cause!

The book is available in hardback at a cost of £19.50. To order a copy, please contact the author, Alan Sharp himself, by email at: