Rotary Public Speaking Success

Posted On: 11/03/20

On Tuesday 10th March, a team of Year 9 students participated in the Intermediate Rotary Youth Speaks public speaking competition, held in the council chambers at Colchester Town Hall.

The CRGS team comprised of Emmanuel Togoh, Aryan Sharma and Miles Black, who carried out their roles as Speaker, Chairperson and Vote of Thanks respectively. Emmanuel chose to speak about the unconscious bias against introverts in our society and delivered his thought-provoking speech passionately, captivating the entire audience for the whole six minutes. He also gave a brilliant answer to the question: are each of us born as an introvert or extrovert, or is it influenced by our upbringing and the situations that we face in life?

A huge well done also go to Aryan and Miles: Aryan's comic timing had the audience in fits of laughter, and Miles gave his vote of thanks eloquently.

Congratulations to all three students. CRGS has been unbeaten in the Intermediate Rotary Youth Speaks (Colchester heat) competition for four years now!