Henry Herbert-King Wins Rob Stebbing Award

Posted On: 20/05/20

Last year the Old Colcestrian Society launched the Rob Stebbing award. Rob was at CRGS approximately 20 years ago and has unfortunately passed away. He was a kind, charitable and likeable person, always described as a ‘good egg’. The prestigious award in his name is given to a CRGS student who fits this description.

Potential students for the award were nominated by teachers. A shortlist was then created and the winner chosen by the Old Colcestrian Society. Congratulations to Year 12 student Henry Herbert-King who has been awarded the prize this year. Henry was praised for his attitude, conduct and the effect he has on others. Winning the award also means he receives £400 to put to good use.

Henry commented: “It is an honour to receive this award and I am shocked and delighted to win. My parents and I can’t believe it and it means a great deal to me. Judging by the way Rob is described, I would like to thank Mr Harvey and the teachers for allowing me to be associated with his name. Thanks to the OCs for the extremely generous prize, and of course in these unprecedented times I look forward to moving on with all aspects of school life.”

Well done Henry!