Languages Success

Posted On: 18/01/21

We are celebrating lots of success in the French Spelling Bee, French Translation Bee and German Translation Bee competitions! Both the Regional and National Finals had to be videoed and sent to the organisers. Year 12 student Oscar De Young filmed the students while Madame Townsend was on the computer using the programme that they had been sent.

For the French Spelling Bee, students were given words in English that they had to translate and spell. They had one minute to do as many as possible with the correct pronunciation. For the Translation Bees, students were given whole sentences that included different tenses, and they had to translate as many as possible in one minute.

Nathan Tredgett (Year 8) won first place and Louis Tin To Yuen (Year 8) second place in the French Spelling Bee Regional Final (that’s the whole of the East of England)!  Miles Black (Year 10) won first place and Rory Moloney (Year 9) second place in the French Translation Bee, and Abyan Saami (Year 9) won first place and Felix Bond-Roberts (Year 10) second place in the German Translation Bee! 

In the National Finals, Nathan Tredgett came joint third place in the French Spelling Bee, Miles Black won the French Translation Bee (with Rory Moloney in second place), and Felix Bond-Roberts came second place in the German Translation Bee!

Miles Black commented: “The French Translation Bee has taught me the importance of continuing to participate in extracurricular activities in these times. Not only do they broaden your knowledge of a subject but they also provide a unique and enjoyable experience.”