A Review of the school's performance of Medea, April 2022

Posted On: 08/05/22

“CRGS’s 2022 production of Euripides’ Medea was extraordinary. A completely student-led production from the script to the lighting, from the score to the choreography, it would not be out of place at the Edinburgh Fringe or other professional venues. All the actors produced mature and compelling performances but particular mention must be given to Martha as Medea, who owned the stage from her first appearance to her last. Her “Don’t you have a wife to bury?” parting shot to Jason produced an audible gasp in the audience. Jude as Jason was completely believable as a floppy-haired, slimy misogynist and his scenes with Medea were the stand-out in the show. 

“It would be impossible to write about this production, however, without mentioning the quality of the material the actors had to work with and the direction and musical direction they were given. Max's script stuck close to the original Greek while being easily accessible in its language and full of drama and emotion, an impressive feat especially for such a young translator. Two scenes stood out especially: the choice to deliver Medea’s second speech in which she reflects on her future course of action as a voice over suggested that it is really Medea’s thoughts we are hearing, not a staged monologue. This was a bold and original directorial choice and created an intimacy within the play and sympathy towards Medea’s character. Second was the first choral ode. Dancers, ably choreographed by Connor, were accompanied by haunting Greek choral lyrics sung by Parul set to music by James, performed on bass, saxophone, drums and piano. The music was terrific throughout and added an extra dimension but this particular number was stunning and, again, of a professional standard. 

“All of those students involved in this production should be very proud of their achievements and I am sure will go far.”