Royal Grammar Schools' Cricket Festival 2023

The Royal Grammar Schools’ Cricket Festival is an annual competition. Each year one of the six schools involved host the event and this year it’s the turn of Colchester Royal Grammar School. 

We look forward to welcoming the 1st XI cricket teams from the Royal Grammar Schools of Guildford, Lancaster, Newcastle, Worcester and High Wycombe for a week-long celebration of cricket for the Royal Grammar Schools’ Cricket Festival from 3-7 July. 

The inter-schools matches are daily and hosted on CRGS pitches as well as the local club grounds: Maldon CC, Abberton & District CC, Mistley CC and at Eight Ash Green CC.  We are hugely grateful for their support.

We look forward to welcoming the teams and staff. 


Matches start at 10.30am daily and at 10.00am on Friday.

DATE                   TEAMS                                     GROUND

Mon 3rd July        Colchester v High Wycombe     CRGS

                            Worcester v Newcastle              Maldon CC

                            Guildford v Lancaster                Eight Ash Green CC


Tues 4th July       High Wycombe v Lancaster     CRGS

                             Worcester v Guildford              Mistley CC

                             Colchester v Newcastle           Abberton & District CC


Weds 5th July       Guildford v Newcastle             CRGS

                             Worcester v High Wycombe    Eight Ash Green CC

                              Colchester v Lancaster           Maldon CC


Thurs 6th July      Worcester v Lancaster             CRGS

                             High Wycombe v Newcastle    Abberton & District CC

                             Colchester v Guildford             Mistley CC


Friday 7th July      Colchester v Worcester           CRGS

                             High Wycombe v Guildford     Eight Ash Green CC

                             Newcastle v Lancaster            Maldon CC


Cricket Festival 2023 Ties

Special festival ties have been produced and are for sale at £20, which includes a donation towards a festival tie for a player and the running of the Festival.

To purchase a unique festival tie please log into your ParentPay account and look for the item named 'Cricket Festival 2023 Ties' or if you're external to the school, please visit the ParentPay Shop via Colchester Royal Grammar School Payment Page (  and choose 'Other' in the Reason for Payment field and then 'Cricket Tie' in specify field.

You will receive a receipt on screen once your payment has been processed and you can print a copy if you wish. We will process applications for payments within 3/4 working days.  

Ties will then be available for collection via school reception. Those who have already paid for a tie will be able to collect straight away.

We are very grateful to those of you who have already supported us and we look forward to seeing you during the week.