Governing Body

The school became an Academy Trust with Company status in January 2012.
The responsibilities, role and membership of the Governing Body are set out in the trust’s Articles of Association. It has overall responsibility for the management and strategic direction of the school and for ensuring that the academy meets all the obligations placed on it by the DfE and EFA and any other statutory requirements.
The Governing Body is made up of some 21 Trustees. (also referred to as governors or directors)
It meets termly and a lot of its detailed discussions are carried out in a number of committees to which every governor is a member of one. In addition various governors take on special responsibility for links with certain school activities.

Current membership

Name Category Committee Membership / Special Responsibility  Term of Office End Date
Mrs Glyn Barritt (Vice Chair) Foundation Curriculum Committee (Chair), Salaries Committee, SEND 4 years 31.08.2018
Mrs Debbie Botham Parent Personnel Committee, Training/Link Governor 4 years 25.11.2017
Mr Neil Brinded Staff Personnel Committee, Curriculum Committee 4 years 18.11.2017
Mr Andrew Crayston Co-opted Premises Committee (Chair) 4 years 31.08.2021
Mr Mike Elliff Parent Curriculum Committee, Fundrasising & Development 4 years 31.03.2019
Mrs Sarah Ellis Parent Curriculum Committee, Responsible Officer, Finance Committee (by invitation as RO), Risk Group (Chair) 4 years 25.11.2017
Mr Philip Hoddell Parent Personnel Committee, Boarding Group, Think Tank 4 years 27.03.2021
Mrs Debbie Hoy Parent Health & Safety Group, Premises Committee 4 years 27.03.2021
Mr John C Johnston Foundation Finance Committee (Chair), Salaries Committee 4 years 20.09.2020
Mr Rajesh Nagarajunan Parent Curriculum Committee 4 years 27.11.2017
Mr Ross Neale Staff   4 years 05.07.2021
Mrs Judy Owens Foundation Think Tank (Chair) 4 years 31.03.2021
Mrs Janet Perry (Chair) Foundation Chair of Governors; Curriculum, Finance, Personnel and Premises Committees Ex-officio; Salaries Committee (Chair); Boarding Group; Health & Safety Group; Think Tank 4 years 05.05.2020
Mr David Ratcliffe Support staff Premises Committee 4 years 07.06.2021
Mr Phil Roberts Local authority Personnel Committee (Chair), Salaries Appeals Committee, Safeguarding/Child Protection/E-Safety 4 years 31.12.2019
Mr John Russell (Headmaster) Ex officio Curriculum, Finance, Personnel, Premises and Salaries Committees Ex-officio; Boarding Group; Health & Safety Group; Think Tank    
Dr John G Tillett MBE Foundation Salaries Appeals Committee (chair) 4 years 31.08.2018
Mr Iain Turner Co-opted Finance Committee, Salaries Appeals Committee, Think Tank 4 years 17.03.2021
Mr Philip Watkins MBE Parent Personnel Committee, Salaries Committee 4 years 31.03.2019

Historic membership (Last 12 Months)

Name Category Committee Membership / Special Responsibility  Term of Office End Date
Dr Richard Rampling Staff Premises Committee, Finance Committee 4 years 15.06.2017
Mr Richard Tuck Co-opted Personnel Committee, Premises Committee 4 years 15.07.2017

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Company Members and Co-opted Governors by the Trustees.


Term of Office for Chair and Vice Chair

The Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Governing Body and have a two year term of office. 

  • Mrs Janet Perry (Chair) - 18.01.2018
  • Mrs Glyn Barritt (Vice Chair) - 18.01.2018


The following Governors have registered business interests as indicated:

  • Mrs G Barritt - SSAT
  • Mrs D Botham - ECC School Support
  • Mr M Elliff - J. P. Morgan
  • Mrs S Ellis - Ernst & Young Trustees Ltd., Ernst & Young Retirement Benefits Plan
  • Mr P Hoddell - Birkett Long
  • Mr R Nagarjunan - EINSOF Ltd.
  • Mrs J Perry - Barts Health NHS Trust, St Michael’s C of E School Braintree
  • Mr P Roberts - Peter Ayre Management Solutions
  • Mr I Turner - Exane Ltd.
  • Mr P Watkins - Eastern Edge Ltd., East of England Energy Group, Norfolk and Waveney Enterprise Services Ltd.

Meeting attendance

Trustee Attended Out Of
Mr J Russell 4 4
Mr J C Johnston 4 4
Mrs J Owens 3 4
Mr P Roberts 3 4
Mrs G A Barritt 4 4
Mr D Ratcliffe 3 4
Mr R Nagarjunan 1 4
Dr J G Tillett MBE (retired as Chair Jan 2016) 3 4
Mr N Brinded 4 4
Mr M Elliff (appt. 1 April 2015) 4 4
Mrs S J Ellis, Responsible Officer 3 4
Dr R Rampling 4 4
Mrs D Botham 4 4
Mr P Watkins MBE 4 4
Mrs J Perry Chair (appt. Jan 2016) 4 4
Mr R Tuck 2 4
Mr I Turner 3 4
Mr P Hoddell 3 4

Last Revised: 15/09/2017