School Policies


Anti-Bullying Policy 02nd Oct 2017 Download
Attendance Policy 01st May 2018 Download
Careers Policy Draft 2020 13th Feb 2020 Download
CCTV Policy 07th May 2019 Download
Charging and Remissions 28th Jan 2020 Download
Code of Conduct 02nd Jul 2018 Download
Code of Conduct for the Governing Body 09th Jul 2019 Download
Collective Worship Policy 09th Jul 2019 Download
Concerns and Complaints Procedure 28th Jan 2020 Download
CRGS Admissions Policy 2021-22 Entry March 2020 16th Mar 2020 Download
CRGS Child Protection Policy December 2019 16th Jan 2020 Download
Curriculum Policy 28th Jan 2020 Download
DRAFT Child Protection Policy - September 2020 01st Sep 2020 Download
Equality and Diversity Policy 28th Jan 2020 Download
Equality Statement and Targets 28th Jan 2020 Download
Finance Regulations and Scheme of Delegation/Procedures 26th Mar 2019 Download
Home School Agreement 07th May 2019 Download
Online Safety Policy 09th Jul 2019 Download
Pupil Premium Policy Approved July 2020 25th Sep 2020 Download
Records Retention Schedule May 2018 25th May 2018 Download
Send Information Report July 2020 01st Jul 2020 Download
SEND Policy Approved July 2020 01st Jul 2020 Download
Snow and Bad Weather Policy 03rd Dec 2018 Download

To request paper copies, please call the school office +44 (0) 1206 509100