Our OC Ambassadors offer their expertise, help and support to OCs and current students. OC Ambassadors play a vital role in:

  • Extending the OC network
  • Providing connections in geographic regions, professional industries, year groups, sports, interests and activities and the school
  • Involving OCs in events and activities
  • Opening doors and providing venues for networking and social events

OC Ambassadors have a huge impact on the OCs and students through the wide range of support and skills they offer.

Current Ambassadors

Activity / Staff Ambassadors

Evie Hampson
Equine Email:
Pati Humbles Staff Email:
Niall Wishart
Rugby Email:

Regional / World Ambassadors

John de St. Jorre
Rhode Island, USA Email:
Andrew Duke
Hamburg, Germany Email:
George Tuck
Kent, England Email:
Jack Woodnott
London, England Email:

University / Education Ambassadors

Lewis Barber
Univeristy College London Email:
Shad Bhaskar
Univeristy of Portsmouth Email:
Thomas Ellis
Queens College Cambridge Email:
Evie Hampson
Murrary Edwards College (Cambridge) Email:
James Pook
Bournmouth University Email:
Niall Wishart
Lancaster University Email:

Become an OC Ambassador

We're always looking for more Ambassadors who can encourage other OCs to attened events, network and take part in sports and activities.  If you can help, please email the Ambassadors Secretary, Ian Sutherland.

Activity / Staff Ambassadors

  • Organise (with the aid of the OC Committee and School Headmaster) and lead activities and teams for events such as Sports, Music, Quizzes, Social gatherings etc. at the Colchester Royal Grammar School.  A Staff Ambassador will encourage former staff to participate or attend these events.

Regional / World Ambassadors

  • Be a point of contact for OC's in your area.
  • Be a friendly face when an OC student at the school would like assistance or advice etc.
  • Be a lead for organising an event for OC's in your area i.e. say a Dinner party in London.
  • Encourage ex-students, who you know are not members, to become OC's through liaison with OCs Secretary / Membership Secretary.

University / Education Ambassadors

  • Offer help and advice to students at the school who are either thinking of coming or will be coming to a University / Educational venue.


Peter Bell

A levels in Maths Physics and Electronics followed by a BEng/MEng at Bradford Uni. in Electronics, Communications and Computer Systems Engineering. International Entrepreneur with agency in London, Houston and Chicago. Has been on the Board of Directors for the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. Now building a Venture funded Education startup in New York.

Matthew Tyler

Graduate Sydney Australia and working in Corporate restructuring. Qualified as a CA in 2008. Working for Korda Mentha. 1st Class degree Lancaster University. Advise on Accounting, taking University Exchange and living/working abroad. Has worked in Papua New Guinea and likely to move to Mexico.

Jennie Webb

HM Prison Service Birmingham 2005-2009 Ministry of Justice State Government of Victoria Office of Deputy of trade, Manufacturing, Aviation and Employment, Melbourne.

Paul Woods

14 years in academia; lengthy periods working at Universities UCL, Queens Belfast, at NASA jet propulsion in California, and at European Southern Observatory in Chile.