Current membership

Name Category Committee Membership / Special Responsibility  Term of Office End Date
Mrs Emmanuelle Anning Parent Premises Committee, Personnel Committee, SEND 4 years 10.12.2022
Mrs Glyn Barritt (Vice Chair) Foundation Curriculum Committee (Chair), Salaries Committee 4 years 31.08.2022
Mr James Carter Parent Finance Committee, Website 4 years 22.01.2023
Mr Andrew Crayston Co-opted Premises Committee (Chair), Finance Committee 4 years 31.08.2025
Mr Tim de Souza-Ingle Parent Curriculum Committee, Premises Committee 4 years 13.06.2025
Mrs Heidi Drake Staff Curriculum Committee 4 years 19.03.2024
Mr Daniel Farruggio Parent Personnel Committee, Premises Committee 4 years 28.06.2024
Mr Philip Hoddell Co-opted Personnel Committee (Chair), Boarding 4 years 27.03.2025
Mr John C Johnston Foundation Finance Committee (Chair), Salaries Committee, GDPR 4 years 31.08.2024
Mrs Judy Owens Foundation Personnel Committee, Safeguarding/ Child Protection/ E-Safety 4 years 31.03.2025
Mrs Janet Perry (Chair) Foundation Chair of Governors; Curriculum, Finance, Personnel and Premises Committees Ex-officio; Salaries Committee (Chair); Boarding Committee; Health & Safety Committee 4 years 05.05.2024
Mr John Russell (Headmaster) Ex officio Curriculum, Finance, Personnel, Premises and Salaries Committees Ex-officio; Boarding Committee; Health & Safety Committee    
Mr Iain Turner Co-opted Finance Committee, Salaries Appeals Committee 4 years 17.03.2025
Mrs Katy Vargas Parent Curriculum Committee, Health & Safety 4 years 06.06.2025

Historic membership (Last 12 Months)

Name Category Committee Membership / Special Responsibility  End Date
Katie Finbow Parent Finance Committee Training Link 04.04.2022
Dr John G Tillett MBE Foundation Salaries Appeals Committee (Chair) 10.02.2022
Prof George Constantinides Parent Personnel Committee, Curriculum Committee 25.11.2021
Mr Phil Roberts Local Authority Personnel Committee, Salaries Appeals Committee, Safeguarding/ Child Protection/ E-Saftey 30.09.2021
Mr Ross Neale Staff Curriculum Committee, Pupil Premium 05.07.2021
Mr David Ratcliffe Staff Premises Committee, Finance Committee 07.06.2021
Mrs Debbie Hoy Parent Health & Safety Committee, Premises Committee 27.03.2021

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Company Members and Co-opted Governors by the Trustees.