Current membership

Name Category Committee Membership / Special Responsibility  Term of Office End Date
Mrs Emmanuelle Anning Parent Premises Committee, Curriculum Committee, SEND 4 years 10.12.2022
Mrs Glyn Barritt (Vice Chair) Foundation Curriculum Committee (Chair), Salaries Committee 4 years 31.08.2022
Mr James Carter Parent Finance Committee, Website 4 years 22.01.2023
Prof George Constantinides Parent Personnel Committee, Curriculum Committee 4 years 25.11.2021
Mr Andrew Crayston Co-opted Premises Committee (Chair), Finance Committee 4 years 31.08.2025
Mr Tim de Souza-Ingle Parent TBC 4 years 13.06.2025
Mrs Heidi Drake Staff Personnel Committee 4 years 19.03.2024
Mr Daniel Farruggio Parent Personnel Committee, Premises Committee 4 years 28.06.2024
Mrs Katie Finbow Parent Finance Committee, Training Link 4 years 28.06.2024
Mr Philip Hoddell Co-opted Personnel Committee (Chair), Boarding Group 4 years 27.03.2025
Mr John C Johnston Foundation Finance Committee (Chair), Salaries Committee, GDPR 4 years 31.08.2024
Mrs Judy Owens Foundation Personnel Committee, Safeguarding/ Child Protection/ E-Safety 4 years 31.03.2025
Mrs Janet Perry (Chair) Foundation Chair of Governors; Curriculum, Finance, Personnel and Premises Committees Ex-officio; Salaries Committee (Chair); Boarding Committee; Health & Safety Committee 4 years 05.05.2024
Mr John Russell (Headmaster) Ex officio Curriculum, Finance, Personnel, Premises and Salaries Committees Ex-officio; Boarding Committee; Health & Safety Committee    
Dr John G Tillett MBE Foundation Salaries Appeals Committee (Chair) 4 years 31.08.2022
Mr Iain Turner Co-opted Finance Committee, Salaries Appeals Committee 4 years 17.03.2025
Mrs Katy Vargas Parent TBC 4 years 06.06.2025

Historic membership (Last 12 Months)

Name Category Committee Membership / Special Responsibility  End Date
Mrs Debbie Hoy Parent Health & Safety Committee, Premises Committee 27.03.2021
Mr David Ratcliffe Staff Premises Committee, Finance Committee 07.06.2021
Mr Ross Neale Staff Curriculum Committee, Pupil Premium 05.07.2021
Mr Phil Roberts Local Authority Personnel Committee, Salaries Appeals Committee, Safeguarding/ Child Protection/ E-Saftey 30.09.2021

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Company Members and Co-opted Governors by the Trustees.