IEA Essay Competition Success

Posted On: 31/10/17

Congratulations to Year 13 student, Ayotunde Ajala, for ranking among the top 20 candidates in the country in the annual Institute of Economic Affairs Dorian Fisher Memorial Prize Essay competition. This is an excellent performance from a prestigious competition that attracts entries from the top A level Economics schools and students across the country. His essay, titled ‘If Economics gives us a way of understanding the world better, then why is the record of economic forecasting so poor?’, was one of the favourites of Dr Steve Davies and he, unfortunately, just narrowly missed out on the cash prizes.

Ayotunde was invited to the IEA offices in Westminster on the 28th September, where he was treated to a dinner and later presented with his certificate by Dr Steve Davies, the IEA's Education Director. Dr Davies also gave a talk on the IEA's history, alumni and the merits of becoming an Economist.

Ayotunde may have also secured a work experience placement in his chosen field as the IEA have encouraged him to apply for the IEA internship program this coming summer.